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Mental Health March

To celebrate Social Prescribing Week 2022, we're launching our Mental Health March Campaign, to spread awareness about Social Prescribing, and provide accessible online creative resources for wellbeing.


Scroll down to find information about social prescribing, online workshops, a tutorial and a crochet pattern.

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Online Creative Workshops

We'll be hosting FREE creative workshops for wellbeing starting 1st March. Activities include creative writing and expressive arts.

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Mood Cushion Crochet Pattern

Improve your daily wellness habits with our FREE crochet pattern. Complete one row every day, using our mood colourway to express your mood.

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What Is Social Prescribing?

Tune into our social media throughout March to learn more about social prescribing and find out how it can help you and local communities.

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Mood Board Video Tutorial

Learn how to create a mood board to express yourself creatively with our Video Tutorial, coming soon! Use them to grow ideas and improve wellness.

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