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Our Work

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We regularly host workshops in a variety of community spaces throughout Chester and surrounding areas. Our community workshops and activities are designed to inspire creativity, connection, and wellness among participants.

Many of our sessions take place in Blacon Wellbeing Hub, and include arts, crafts and journalling activities.

If you’re looking to attend one of our community workshops, head over to our Join A Workshop page.


Working with the Hard Stuff

Stone carving workshops held at the Mount Pleasant Gardens and Sculpture Trail in Kelsall, Cheshire, in Spring 2023.


True Colours is a series of creative workshops that enable people in our LGBTQ+ community to express themselves creatively and freely for positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Art Workshops

Our art workshops in Blacon Wellbeing Hub supported people in the local community through mindful creative activities including Christmas Crafts, decor crafts, African inspired art and canvas painting.


Community Craft Workshops

Activities included home decor crafts, mindfulness art and canvas painting, with a focus on improving mental wellbeing through creativity. 


Digital Art For Everyone

From digital animation to creating moving images, to film making - Radiate Arts aim to make new ways of being creative accessible, engaging and awesome for everyone in our community.

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Find out more about our work from our Feel Great...Create! project.

Journaling Workshops

Journalling workshops held in the winter of 2021, using journalling to reflect, self care and be creative.

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