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Arts & Crafts Supplies

Find your next project on our free activities board!


Activities include crochet and knitting patterns, art challenges, activity books for children and much more. Don’t forgot to check back here for new activities.


All of our activities are created to inspire positivity through creativity and provide accessible creative resources for all.

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2023 Craft-A-Long 
Temperature Blanket

Create a crochet throw with us for our Craft-A-Long! Add new rows to weekly granny squares every day using our temperature colorways or your own. 

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Booklet Making Tutorial

Follow out tutorial by Amy Sterly and make your own booklets using household materials.

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Mood Board Tutorial

Visualise projects, express feelings and explore themes with Emily Wilkinson's tutorial.

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STEAM Activity Book

Our STEAM activity book for children is now available for download.

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Wild Art Activity Book

Wild Art activity book for children, available for download. Created as part of the Summer Reading Challenge.

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Use our 30 days of art prompts to inspire paintings, photography and much more! Experiment, build your skills and healthy creative habits.

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