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Our Artember Challenge may be over for 2021 but you can still get involved and get creative!

You can use our art prompts throughout the year to inspire writing, painting, drawing, photography and much more. We believe everyone has the ability to create something they’re proud of, so we created our Artember challenge to give you the inspiration to get started and build positive creative habits.

Have your art featured on our website!

Have you used our art prompts to inspire your creations? Let us know how you got on and send us a picture of your work, and we’ll feature it on our website! Whether you use our prompts to write, draw, paint or make using our prompts, we want to hear about it.

Send your creations via social media or tag us.

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The Benefits of Creativity

Being creative can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and can even help the mind to process negative thoughts in a healthy way. Creating has often been compared to meditative practices due to its calming effect on the body and mind.


Using daily prompts like ours can support the mind into building more positive thought patterns, and creative habits that can improve long term mental wellbeing as well as you creative skills..

All of our prompts have been created with this in mind, and can be used to help you explore your own thoughts and experiences through creativity.

How to Take Part

Step 1 Take a look at our Artember prompts and find one that suits you.

Step 2 Use our daily prompts to inspire your creations!

Step 3 Send us a picture of your creation via email, social media, or tag us.

Artember 2021 Prompt List

Artember Poster for public (Instagram Post) (Facebook Post) (Facebook Cover) (1).png
Artember Poster for public, WELSH (Facebook Post) (Facebook Cover) (1).png

Your Artember Creations

Take a look at the artwork already inspired by our prompts. Send us your creations to see them in our Artember Gallery.

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