Watercolor Brush 8


Connecting Clywedog is a project which works with the community to celebrate Clywedog's history, nature and potential for activities in the area. It aims to establish health and wellbeing opportunities for all, enabling us to connect and work together to ensure a sustainable and positive future for years to come. The remote, rural location will establish Clywedog as a strong and resilient centre for inclusive arts.

Although we are leading on the project, this is very much a community project, which involves a transparent and open conversation with everyone who would like to be involved.

The proposal includes the opportunity to have:

- The development of an E-cycle route

- A sculpture trail, which features stone statues from a local artist. This will also celebrate Clywedog's history and farming heritage

- Opportunites for art classes to boost wellbeing and mental health

-  Address discrimination and disadvantage with accessible art​

- Create opportunities for local artists​

- Produce creativity that is grounded in our locality and the Welsh language​

If you would like to be involved in the project or to find out more, please email office@radiatearts.co.uk or join  our Facebook group here.