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Great Taste supports older residents in Powys, who may be experiencing loneliness, depression, or stress-related issues, by providing weekly Cook and Share workshops to enable socialising and develop crucial lifestyle skills in the form of cooking.  Groups come together to socialise, cook nutritious meals from scratch and develop cooking skills and creativity, as well as share tips on sustainability, meal planning and budgeting.  After cooking in the morning, groups will share their creations for lunch, with plenty of time to relax and chat.  

The workshops provide financial self-support strategies by upskilling participants in planning and purchasing food within a limited budget, and showing off a range of options for these price points.  Creativity in cooking is not just for pleasure's sake - having the knowledge and skill to work with your limitations opens up huge budget and health advantages! Throughout the course, we will talk through and reform meal plans and food budgets amongst our participants (confidentially, if desired) in specially designed workbooks.  Participants are also provided with a shopping voucher to spend on quality cooking ingredients or utensils to support them to put their skills into practice at home.  

If you're interested in attending a course of workshops or booking for your community group, get in touch at

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"Staff were amazing, helping everyone and caring."  

"My cooking was very good and I enjoyed it."

"It was good fun. I enjoyed cooking the food plus helping the others, mixing the icing sugar and cutting the crust off the bread. Thanks for all your help."

"Wonderful, teaching older people to cook and prepare healthy meals. Always supportive and inclusive, 100% accessible for all"

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