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Our social prescribing workshops and events are designed to benefit mental wellbeing through conversation and creation. At Radiate Arts, we believe that learning new skills, expression through creation, and meeting new friends is crucial for maintaining a healthy and happy everyday life. Whether it’s joining in with our online classes, coming along to our introductory workshops, or meeting with one of our creative support courses, you’ll find that Social Prescription has something to offer for everybody.


If you would like to refer somebody to our courses, please contact us below:




If you're an artist or someone who would like to refer somebody, please contact us below.

Creative Writing Workshops with Emma Beynon


Our poetry and creative writing workshops can foster personal expression in a positive, safe and inclusive environment.


Led by local passionate creative writer and teacher Emma Beynon, our creative writing course is designed to get as far from the classroom poetry experience as possible. Over the eight-week course, you and the group will talk freely over a collection of poems, and rediscover the pleasure and positivity that a tiny piece of writing can bring.


As the course develops, so too will your own writing skills, and you’ll find improved ability to express ideas, observations both simply, and beautifully. The course will conclude with the creation of a new book, which collects your group’s favourite pieces of original work.


If you are interested in taking part in the next workshop, or would like more information, please email

read our free poetry book here!

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Summer Studio with Emily Meredith


It is no secret that the act of painting can be a highly therapeutic process, and our painting and illustration workshops aim to bring this effect to those who may not have so much as held a paintbrush before.


Inspired by nature, and passionate for painting, artist Emily Meredith hosts this relaxing class both online and in-person, demonstrating a range of painting techniques used for representing your inner self in colour and style. You and the rest of the workshop will then be given time, space, and guidance on creating their own pieces, all the while developing your own skills and style.


Weekly classes with Emily feature different subjects, from leafy plants, to birds, to self-portraits


If you are interested in taking part in the next workshop, or would like more information, please email

Colour Within with Rachael Shone


Illustrator Rachael Shone hosts a series of workshops both online and in-person, giving participants the skills to interpret emotion and movement into their artwork, resulting in some truly expressive pieces, by brand-new artists.


Weekly classes focus on different themes, including music, food, and poetry. Rachael shows us that by tuning into everyday objects, you will find that even the most practical of household objects can be a source of inspiration. From this, meaningful artworks can be created, and develop your ability to participate in your moods, rather than simply receiving them.


The medium was optional, and often our attendees find it motivating and engaging to use whatever materials they have at hand. This laid-back style allows for creative thought and expression, and results in some compelling artwork.

If you are interested in taking part in the next workshop, or would like more information, please email


Thanks to sponsorship from The Westminster Foundation, The Allen Lane Foundation and CAF Tourle Foundation Fund, we are able to begin our new social prescribing project, providing creative and wellbeing courses for perinatal mums in Cheshire West and Chester. 

Early 2020, we began working with Cheshire and Wirral PartnershipNHS FoundationTrust's Starting Well Service to bring our 'Creativity to Wellness' courses into local Children's Centres in Cheshire. We feel it is important to have a welcoming support service in a safe, friendly and non-threatening environment for new mums who are at risk of perinatal depression.

Radiate Arts are proud to be able to deliver this service to our local communities.

Due to current social distancing measures, the start date for our course has been delayed and we will be resuming this as soon as possible, starting at Kingsway and Upton Children's Centre, Chester. More details on these opening dates will be available as soon as we know.

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