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Meet the Artist Q & A : Mixed Medium with Emily Meredith

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Emily Meredith is a mixed medium artist who leads workshops at Radiate Arts, especially those which are centered around social prescribing. She is based near Oswestry and is passionate about nature and wellness.

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I blend art forms, working with creative writing, painting, drawing, collage and textiles. I’m also a yoga teacher and use creative movement and walking as part of my creative practice. Originally I trained as a designer, which helps me think and express myself in different mediums.

What achievements and qualifications would you like to highlight?

A pivotal point for me was studying on the Bridge House Art portfolio course as a mature student, the experience was the start of my transition from a more commercial career into an arts based practice.

Originally, I studied Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art & Design, and also have an MA in Design from Goldsmiths.

I am a trained yoga teacher and qualified in stretch yoga massage. I was pleased to receive a Developing Your Creative Practice award this year from Arts Council England, which has been a real turning point in terms of growing my practice.

Why do you enjoy it so much / what do you think makes this art form a great way to relax?

At the moment I’m really enjoying painting, abstract painting for me is a totally expressive thing to do where I get really in the zone. I actually find it more relaxing than writing poetry because it’s about fluidity and creating without having to find the right words.

Creative writing is therapeutic in a different way, it’s very cathartic and confidence-building. Practicing yoga and movement is something I find very creative, it’s all about expression and discovering new possibilities within and around your body.

What’s the biggest hurdle for beginners to start with this art form and how can they overcome that?

Being an interdisciplinary artist (or mixed media in simple terms!) I would say don’t limit yourself and explore the things you’re drawn to. The hurdle I find is that we live in a very reductionist society where we’re expected to have one label for what we do, which then translates into the way we see arts practices. I have so much respect for artists who focus on one medium, and sometimes I’m a little envious of them because it would make life simpler! However, I have personally found abundant joy, possibility and healing in weaving different practices together. I am also quite stubborn and enjoy people not being able to easily categorise what I do!

Why do you love to teach?

I always see teaching as sharing what I do, and encourage people to follow their own direction. I love it when we share creative energy as a group. Mostly I have a lot of fun teaching!

Has there been a time when someone at a workshop in the past has surprised you?

Thinking back I can remember a young person in a group I worked with, who was part of a project for young people excluded from school. All members of the group had had a tough time in life and it took a few weeks to gain their trust. This particular person had a lot of history with drink, drugs and violence and didn’t really believe they had any creative abilities. In one session we were learning book making (as part of a poetry project). To my surprise they really enjoyed the process and was SO happy that they’d managed to make a book. It makes me really happy when those small connections happen which genuinely change a person’s mindset and faith in themselves.

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