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The idea for the Walk of Memorable Honour came from the book Country of Memorable Honour by Thomas Firbank, which tells the story of the author’s walking tour of Wales in the 1950s, after serving in the Coldstream Guards and Airborne Forces.  This prompted the vision of a journey on foot from North to South Wales by veterans who had benefited from Armed Forces Covenant Trust Funding under the Positive Pathways scheme.  The Walk of Memorable Honour will raise awareness of mental health challenges experienced by veterans, through interactions with the local community and the media, whilst offering veterans an opportunity to take part in a memorable and meaningful event.

Rather than follow one single route, the journey will begin at the home locations of eight partner organisations, who will concentrate their efforts during the week leading up to the 17th September in a combined journey equivalent to the distance from Llandudno to Cardiff. 

The first of two walks here at Radiate Arts will be be through Hafren Forest, during our residential course for veterans on the evening of Monday 12th of September.  The second walk, open to all veterans and those with connections to the veteran community, will take place at 11am on Wednesday 14th of September; we will meet at Caffi Clywedog and walk the Dragon's Back.  Veterans are encouraged to share their experiences, through interacting with the public and media, writing or creating recordings.  


Those taking part are invited to a celebratory event at Cardiff Castle on Saturday 17th of September; we will arrange transport for those who would like to attend. 

If you would like to register your interest in joining the Walk of Memorable Honour or would like more information about the walk or our residentials, feel free to contact us at, or call us at 07542 825952.

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