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Radiate Arts is working with all sorts of materials and tools, many of which offer therapeutic, mentally stimulating benefits. Nowhere is this clearer than with stone carving.


The art of stone carving reduces the creative process to three basic elements - the stone, the tool, and the artist. This results in a truly meditative space, during which the stone is your only obligation, freeing your thoughts and making room for new skills, new observations, and new ideas to develop. As you, your stone, and the workshop evolve together, you may find that you learn significantly more than just how to carve.


Working with Change Step and Veterans NHS Wales, Radiate Arts is delighted to be able to provide introductory stone carving workshops for referred Armed Forces Veterans, in our Creative Hub in Clywedog. Set amongst tranquil, natural surroundings, engaging with thousand-year-old practices, Working With The Hard Stuff is designed to bring its participants closer to nature, closer to themselves, and include themselves within an open, welcoming community of first-time and returning artists alike.


Led by resident sculptor and carving expert Glenn Morris, this weekly workshop is perfect for reconnecting with the innate creativity that lies within all of us, whether we are actively creative in our everyday life or not.  Currently, workshops focus on working with clay and Limestone and Portland. 

Sculptures created during workshops were displayed in a public exhibition in Oriel Davies, Newtown in February 2022.


These workshops are made possible by The National Lottery Awards 4 All Wales, and the Armed Forces Covenant Trust.


If you are interested in taking part in our workshops for veterans, or would like more information, please email

“I have to say a big thank you for your time, skill, patience and company on Saturday – what a superbly enjoyable day. As I said to you – think this should be on prescription!” Andy M.

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