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Artist Q&A: Stone Carving with Glenn Morris

Glenn Morris is our expert sculptor, who leads our stone carving courses at out Creative Hub in Clywedog. He shares his background with the artform and how to overcome creative hurdles.


How did you get into stone carving?

Art was my favourite subject at school and from the age of 15 I know I wanted to be a sculptor.

We know you have been involved in many exhibitions and won awards, please can you list a few?!

· Many private commissions and gallery shows including the Royal Academy in London and the Royal Cambrian Academy (Highly commended)

· Barcode Project’. Collaboration between sculptors and scientists from the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. Large stone carving ‘Osmunda’ – living fossil. Now a permanent feature of the gardens

· Royal Cambrian Academy, open exhibition. Selectors’ prize (top award)

· ‘Riverbed’. Private commission in marble.

· ‘Coral Reefs’ (working title for exhibition in May 2020). A national exhibition conceived and organised by Glenn Morris and Professor Joerg Wiedenmann of the University of Southampton (National Oceanographic Centre), involving 11 artists working with scientists and students exploring the work of the university on bleaching corals.

· Commission for Sevenoaks Town Council. Sculpture for entrance hall in new office buildings: ‘After the Storm’. A large work derived from the damage caused by the great storm of 1987. (currently under construction)

· 2020 Exhibition. A celebration of Welsh Sculpture at Aberystwyth Arts Centre April – May 2020

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Why do you think stone carving is a great way to relax?

I think it is very relaxing for a student. For myself, I eat, sleep and breathe sculpture every working hour is spent planning, thinking, making!

What is the biggest hurdle for beginners to start with this art form and how can they overcome that?

Earning an income. Don’t be distracted from your goals. Persist, persist, persist! Don’t give in to commercial pressure.

Why do you love to teach?

I enjoy sharing my knowledge as experience and see others progress and achieve rewards.

Pupil's work from a stone carving workshop

Has there been a time when someone at a workshop in the past has surprised you?

Yes… they brought me coffee and cake!

Do you have a favourite quote around creativity / art / general?!

Grayson Perry – “Don’t get off the train”

What does creativity mean to you?

It’s a way of life

Why do you want to work with Radiate Arts?

They are, not to use the old cliché, ‘nice people to work with’!

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